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Saiu Desbloqueio Ps3 V1.1

09-01-2010 02:57

MysticHades has resurfaced an old hack that allowed the booting of PS3 games (originally found here). He has posted a video showing how this exploit works.

This method only works with BluRay backups and NOT DVD. It does not work on all games

Here is a rough translation of the tutorial, you can download all the needed files below:

Step 1: Install Ubuntu on your PS3 (or kubuntu)

Step 2: Install Windows XP on Ubuntu

Step 3: Install CloneCD on Windows XP and connect to network another PC so has seen
in My Network Places. I do not know if AnyDVD HD is necessary, but I installed it for me

Step 4: Open CloneCD, select new image, insert the game, select “Protected PC Game”, change the extension to ISO.

Step 5: Ripper Blu-Ray on PC via network favorites.

Step 6: Burn with ImgBurn (or CloneCD) in 1X on the PC or has been ripped game

So what exactly is going on? This was the release post about this method via Elotrolado

PS3 backups load thanks to an exploit discovered when it is considered necessary is to upload a video showing the event.

My way of working will protect this exploit and not give details of how this occurs so that might not make the same mistakes of the past.

You have to patch both updates as other functions, the iso is not worth anyone … It requires a different process than those generated in linux are not worth keeping the encryption layer.

The exploit creates a CheckStop that generates a reboot and does not load everything back into memory but the function of pre patched disk and run the new copy.
The models are tested 40/60/80.

The games tested are 3, Killzone 2, burnout paradise, pes2008.

Video of this exploit in action:


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